Take The Guesswork Out Of Benefits

Help Me Choose Benefits is an AI-powered decision support tool that recommends a personalized package of employer-provided benefits to employees based on responses to a few simple questions.

Our Solution

Help Me Choose Benefits simplifies benefits decision making by delivering personalized recommendations based on industry data, member responses to questions about health, family and financial situations, and input from you: the insurance brokers and HR teams. Nobody knows or cares more about your people, and we allow you to provide direct input into the recommendations provided.


You define the benefit options available to an employer group and provide input into the recommendation logic.


Employees give high-level info about their family, financial and health status via our quick, easy and secure application.


Based on the responses combined with our proprietary logic and input from you, benefit recommendations are provided.


We provide real-time dashboards and reports on system usage and recommendations helping you track guidance.

We Make Benefits Easy

Our benefits engine makes the connection between your industry knowledge and employee benefit needs.

AI-Driven Recommendations

Our proprietary AI system makes the often-overwhelming task of selecting appropriate benefits easy by giving the employees specific recommendations geared towards their specific demographic, financial and health information provided.

Affordable Usage-Based Pricing

As opposed to expensive solutions that are only available to the largest of organizations, we offer pricing that’s accessible to all employers wanting to provide decision support to their employees with an achievable ROI.

"Good" and "Better" Suggestions

We realize employees don’t have unlimited dollars, which is why Help Me Choose Benefits offers ‘Good’ and ‘Better’ coverage recommendations for financial products like Life Insurance and Health Spending Account.

Your Input Drives Results

We recognize the expertise that employers and their trusted broker partners have - you have worked together to create the benefits package for your unique employee population. We allow you to leverage this knowledge of the group to help drive the recommendations for employees.

Setup in Hours or Days, Not Weeks

With our easy to use platform, your company and plans can typically be setup in hours by someone who knows your benefits offered. With self-service and managed setup options, we put the power to implement in your hands.

Technology Agnostic

Help Me Choose Benefits is not reliant or tied to any particular platform or system, so you can use us for recommendations regardless of your employers benadmin or HRMS systems.

The Help Me Choose Benefits System

Our system is designed to make the process of offering benefits decision support easy with real-time dashboards, intuitive recommendation setup, and white label customization options.

Real-Time Insights

Monitor your system usage with real-time updates on your dashboard. See top recommendations, usage trends, respondent breakdowns and more. Export reports on recommendations provided.

Easy Plan Management and Customization

Manage your offered plans including when, what and how they are recommended. Adjust AI-based recommendation guidelines and see example responses. View and edit which plans are eligible for recommendation by employee persona.

Compliments Your Existing Branding

Customize front-end design with a few mouse clicks. Change images, colors, fonts and more via our UI editor. Our front end is fully responsive so employees can use it whether on desktop, tablet or phone.

Live Demo Our Front-End

Experience the power of Help Me Choose Benefits firsthand by exploring our demo companies, where you can see how our system tailors personalized benefit recommendations based on employees' demographic, financial, and health information. The entire process is private with no personally identifiable information requested and only takes a few minutes! Just click their logos to get started.

Flexible to Fit Your Needs

Our process is quick and easy for employees to complete, and provides a recommendation that employees can come back and revisit at any time.

For Brokers

Our broker subscription model allows you to leverage Help Me Choose Technology for many clients, affordably. Group size or number of plans does not matter.

For Employers

Give your employees valuable insight into your benefits offered and at what level they should participate.

For Carriers

Interested in offering a recommendation as a value add to your clients? Contact us to discuss service and support models that would work for you.

For Enrollment Technology

Looking to bolster your enrollment solution with a meaningful recommendation solution? Reach out to the Help Me Choose Benefits team to discuss some options.

Pricing & How It Works

Unlike other tools in the market, we offer usage-based pricing as we believe that's the only way to achieve a true ROI with decision support. Pricing starts at $3500 per case and we offer enterprise license options for those wanting to offer our solution to multiple employers.

We welcome the opportunity to start small with you and prove the value of our solution.

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